BMW® R 1200 RT

BMW® R 1200 RT
This is an excellent bike for riders who want to experience the thrill of riding one of the top rated Sport Touring/ Touring models that EagleRider offers. The R 1200RT offers the smooth handling of a touring model bike, with the effortless cornering and quick acceleration of a sport bike. The ample storage space. comfortable passenger/pillion seat, and adjustable windshield make this the perfect bike for everything from day rides to Wild West tours.
直流电源接口 Yes
排量 1,170.00 cc
发动机 Air Cooled / Oil Cooled Boxer Twin
油箱容量 6.60 gal (24.98 L)
燃油系统 Electronic Fuel Injection
长度 87.80 in (223.01 cm)
行李架 Yes
MPG 57 mpg
MP3接口 No
导航系统 No
乘客 Yes
乘客背垫 No
收音机/CD播放器 No
座位高度 32.30 in (82.04 cm)
侧鞍 Yes
储存箱 No
变速箱 6-speed
天气频道 No
重量 505.00 lbs (229.06 kg)
挡风玻璃 Yes
轴距 58.40 in (148.33 cm)
压缩比 12.0:1
内径×行程 3.97 x 2.87 in (101.00 x 73.00 mm)
Fuel Economy 57.00 mpg (24.23 km/L)
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Chris Perry October 23, 2014 11:46 am




Super fantastic #1 greatest

This is a great bike to ride. It is light weight, easy to maneuver, and very quick. The electronics are easy to use and the heated seats and handlebars work very well. The power delivery and suspension on this bike provide a very smooth ride, as well.