Harley-Davidson® Street® 500

Harley-Davidson® Street® 500
Traffic has never been beaten harder. This isn’t about wide-open country and endless miles of highway. This is about carving the canyons of the urban grid. From the liquid-cooled Revolution X® engine and confidence-inspiring optional ABS brakes to the nimble chassis and dialed-in suspension, The Harley-Davidson® Street® 500 was built specifically to shred the city streets. The fun starts when the light turns green.

Video Of The Harley-Davidson® Street® 500

长度 87.6 in. (2,225 mm)
重量 455 lbs. (206 kg) dry 489 lbs. (222 kg) running order
离地间隙 5.7 in. (145 mm)
轴距 60.4 in. (1,535 mm)
座位高度 25.7 in. (654 mm) laden 28 in. (710 mm) unladen
发动机 Revolution X™ V-twin
排量 30 ci (494 cc)
内径×行程 2.72 x 2.6 in. (69 x 66 mm)
压缩比 11:01
燃油系统 Mikuni single port fuel injection, 35 mm bore
油箱容量 3.5 gal. (13.1 l)
MPG 64 mpg (3.7 l/100 km) combined city / highway
冷却系统 Liquid
变速箱 6-speed
Wheels Front & Rear: Black, 7-spoke cast aluminum
轮胎(前) 100/80 R17
轮胎(后) 140/75 R15
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