Honda® CTX1300

Honda® CTX1300
Some motorcycles take a proven formula and change it up a little. Then there’s Honda’s new CTX family of bikes—they’ve blown their class wide open and completely reinvented it. The new CTX1300 is a great example: With a 1,261 cc V-4 engine it has plenty of power. Innovations abound in the integrated bodywork.
重量 724.20 lbs (328.49 kg)
轴距 64.50 in (163.83 cm)
座位高度 29.10 in (73.91 cm)
发动机 Longitudinally-mounted, 90° V-4, DOHC, 4 valves per cylinder
排量 1,261.00 cc
内径×行程 3.070 x 2.598 in (78.00 x 66.00 mm)
压缩比 10:1
燃油系统 PGM-FI with electronic control IACV, (4) 36 mm throttle bodies
油箱容量 5.10 gal (19.30 L)
点火器 Computer-controlled digital with 3-D mapping and electronic advance
冷却系统 Liquid
变速箱 5-speed
制动器(前) Dual 310 mm discs
制动器(后) Single 315 mm disc
轮胎(前) 130/70R-18
轮胎(后) 200/50R-17
转向头上的耙 28.5°
Trail 4.50 in (114.30 mm)
Fuel Economy 37.20 mpg (15.82 km/L)
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